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When God came to earth, even He went to Israel!

Yes, that’s right and that is why Israel is such a marvelous experience.

Most of the miracles recorded in the Bible happened here.

When God sent His Son into the world, He sent Him here.

Our story–the Gospel story, has played out in this land, and Christians for many years have found a trip to the Holy Land an invigorating experience.

Discover Israel

Group size is small, usually between 12-20 people. This allows for personal attention and greater intimacy.

Travel is generally by car instead of bus unless a bus is requested by the group. This gives far more mobility and flexibility. Communication between cars is with 2-way radios.

The trip is longer than the usual 8-12 day trips most often offered by tour companies (although we do offer shorter trips). Our standard is a 15 or 16 day trip with 12 or 13 days for actual touring.For example, a 10 day trip is actually a 7 day tour because it takes 3 days to travel to and from Israel. A 15 day trip is a 12 day tour after subtracting the travel days. This is approximately 60% more tour time.

Our price, is lower than many 10 day trips even though our tour time is longer. Our trips usually range between $3,400-$4,200 based on the trip, its length, and time of the year.

We visit every major region of the country (on a 16 day tour): Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria, Judea, the Shephelah, the Negev (desert), etc. We journey from Mt. Hermon in the north to the Red Sea in the south. We can do this because of the extra days in the itinerary.

We provide study materials and internet resources for 3 months in advance of the trip. One helpful resource is a reading guide that connects Scripture with the site visited. This greatly increases the learning experience.

We view this tour as a pilgrimage. Meaningful Bible studies, teaching sessions and prayer will take place at many sites. The goal is spiritual connection to God and biblical enrichment.

A Look Inside Israel

In Jerusalem

The Western Wall, the Western Wall tunnels, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, The garden at the Pater Noster Church, the Garden of Gethsemane, Kidron Valley, Valley of Gehenna, Mt. Zion, the Upper Room, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden Tomb, Zedekiah’s cave, the gates of the Old City, all four quarters of the old city, the Golden Menorah, Hezekiah’s tunnel, the Pool of Siloam, the Pool of Bethesda, the Via Dolorosa, Hezekiah’s wall, the Cardo.

Dead Sea Region

Masada, Qumran, the Dead Sea (swimming/floating possible)

Galilee and the Golan Heights

Tiberias, Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, the Jesus boat at Magdala, Korazin, the Jordan River, Hippos/Sussita, Nazareth, Cana, Sepphoris, Mt. Carmel, Mt Tabor, Herod Springs (Gideon’s 300), Jezreel Valley, Megiddo, Mt Arbel, Dan, Caesarea Philippi, Mt. Hermon, the Valley of Tears.

West Bank

Bethlehem, Jericho, Shechem (Nablus), Jacob’s Well, Mt. Gerizim, Samaria (Sabaste).

Negev (the desert)

The Wilderness of Zin, the burial place of David Ben Gurion, the life size tabernacle at Timna Park, Eilat, the Red Sea.

Other Places

The Valley of Elah (where David fought Goliath), Caesarea Maritima, Joppa

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