Prayer Guide

I invite you to pray this (or something like it) every day for the 30 days before departure.

Thank you, God, for the privilege of visiting the land where the Apostle Paul and his companions walked, suffered persecution, and planted churches. May this trip be a time where we develop a much greater insight into the truths of Scripture.

Let our pre-trip studies prove to be enlightening and adequate preparation for the on-field experience

We ask that our trip will be a powerful spiritual experience for everyone. May we never be quite the same after this pilgrimage. Let it be a catalyst for transformation wherever that is needed in our individual lives. As we go from site to site, may the spiritual presence of Jesus Christ be powerfully perceived.

We seek your divine protection for all life and property. Let nothing be lost or hurt. Save us from illness and any digestive distress from new or different foods. Let there be no medical emergencies for anyone in the group. We pray for smooth flights and transportation that operate without mechanical problems. Deliver us from accidents while traveling.

We know how important it is to get proper rest at night, so we pray that our accommodations will be pleasant and sufficient. May they be quiet and restful, so we are able to get the sleep we need to keep up our strength for the busy days. May we adjust quickly to a new time zone.

Work on our behalf so that the trip has the feel that God is leading and providing. We pray that the schedule will come together just right and that we will not feel a spirit of hurry and pressure. Give our group unity and camaraderie. May each member of the team look after and care for one another. Let us be thoughtful and considerate. If the trip presents any challenges, let us face them with flexibility, courage and faith, not with doubt and complaints. Banish fear from all minds and hearts.

We pray, Lord, that you will give our group leader special strength. Empower him with health and strength. Let him always be under your influence so that he will make the right decisions for the trip. May your Spirit anoint him in guiding and teaching

Lord, let us all be a good testimony for You wherever we are and with whomever we meet. As your ambassadors, let the light of Christ be so radiant in us that all will know we are God’s people. Help us to be sensitive to the cultural differences we find in Greece. Lead us to the right words and actions for each context in which we find ourselves. Given a chance, let us be a witness for You.

To You, the Alpha and Omega, we pray that our trip may be blessed in every way from the beginning to the end. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN!